706 Great Springs Rd, Bryn Mawr, SOLD by Kimmy Rolph

706 Great Springs Rd, Bryn Mawr just SOLD by Kimmy Rolph. I am pleased to announce the recent sale in Bryn Mawr of 706 Great Springs Rd for $2.15 million. This was a very clean transaction. The buyer paid $50,000 over the asking price, there were no contingencies, and the seller chose the closing date. For my seller, we simply listed the home, received multiple offers, and it sold in days with the best terms. If you are considering selling on The Main Line and worried that financing is too difficult for buyers or that your home will not get the best value if you list now, it truly is not the case. We are still seeing constricted inventory and homes selling in record time, with very favorable terms to sellers.

For my buyers interested in homes like 706 Great Springs Road and Bryn Mawr real estate. Bryn Mawr is a Main Line town that offers incredible schools, dining, nature, and access to the city. We have seen so many buyers moving to The Main Line in the last years and for good reason. The lifestyle cannot compare and the real estate is some of the most sought-after in the northeast. Homes in Bryn Mawr offer larger lot sizes in a variety of architectural styles, with every imaginable amenity. What there is not a lot of, is inventory. If you are looking to purchase a Bryn Mawr home, contact me today, or search here.

Do you want to learn more about the listing strategy at 706 Great Springs Rd, Bryn Mawr? Let’s talk.

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