Redesign Universally or Age in Place Facility?

Redesign Universally or Age in Place Facility? Are you trying to figure out your future in aging? I represent those retiring and downsizing on The Main Line. There are some really amazing 55+ communities but they are expensive and it may make more sense to add universal design features to your existing home, OR make … Continued

Fall Homebuying Tips: Are you ready to purchase a home?

Fall Homebuying Tips: Are you ready to purchase a home? Are you sick of rising rents? Are you concerned about inflation? I represent Main Line PA homebuyers just like you find the home of their dreams, and right now, believe it or not, is still a good time to buy a home. Yes, interest rates … Continued

New Construction Buying Secrets to Save you Time and Money

New Construction Buying Secrets are here! Are you looking to buy a new home on The Main Line and are not sure what to expect? I represent new home buyers on The Main Line and have some secrets that might make you feel more comfortable as you start the process of new home buying and … Continued

Biggest Mistakes in Bidding Wars

Biggest Mistakes in Bidding Wars are here! Are you home buying on The Main Line but seem to be cursed when it comes to getting your offer accepted? I represent Main Line buyers and I am here to tell you, there is no need for superstition, you just need the right realtor, who knows the … Continued

September 2022 Market Update with Kimmy Rolph

Hello Main Line PA! Welcome to the September 2022 Market Update. Still on the fence about buying or selling a home on The Main Line? Keep watching because I am going to give you a quick overview of The Main Line Housing Market last month. We have a few weeks left of Summer. Are you … Continued

Fall Selling Tips

Fall Selling Tips are here! Did you know that there is a secret selling season in the early fall and it is a great time to list? It’s true, fall selling can be some of the best of the year on The Main Line. I am a listing agent on The Main Line and I … Continued

Best Ways to Protect Your Home Sale During Divorce

Best Ways to Protect Your Home Sale During Divorce? According to homelight, Americans on average have $150,506 of wealth tied up in their homes. (If you own your house free and clear with no outstanding debt, bump that average wealth nationwide to $229, 296.), if you are divorcing and are homeowners, this is the biggest … Continued

Should I update before I sell this Summer?

Thinking about making an update before listing your home to sell? Wondering how much value can be recouped? I represent sellers on The Main Line PA who ask me all the time about updates and value so I wanted to break down some numbers on what recoups and what does not. First of all, you … Continued

Organized to Downsize: Top Tips

Are you ready to downsize and wondering where to start and how to stay organized? Hi, I’m Kimmy Rolph and I am a downsizing real estate expert. I have helped so many clients get organized and get their homes sold for well over ask. The keys to getting your home sold for the best price … Continued