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Main Line PA Seller Seminar is your ultimate guide to taking advantage of the current real estate market and selling your home. From transaction FAQ to listing checklists, top Main Line realtor Kimmy Rolph addresses your top concerns. Do you have more questions? Download a copy of our free Seller EBook, or contact us directly!

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🏡🔑FSBO vs FSBRealtor with Kimmy Rolph, Main Line PA Real Estate Expert🤓

The Latest for Seller’s From Kimmy Rolph

🤫 Top Secret Tips to Selling High in Spring🏡
🏡🏘Leveraging the Market, to Sell Your Main Line Home
💯🏡💰3 Things that Make Your Home Worth More on The Main Line
🤓🏡NASDAQ Predictions for the Housing Market in 2022

Prepping Your Home For Sale

Here are some of my top tips for getting your home for sale, including pricing your home correctly, and how to increase curb appeal.

🏡💸7 Things to Consider Before Listing your Main Line Home for Sale with Kimmy Rolph

Pricing Your Main Line Home For Sale and FAQ Home Selling Process

Pricing your home correctly is vital to the selling process. We make a comparative market analysis and decide together the best price for your home based on what is selling and how your home compares. Then there are a series of steps that take place prior to listing the home on a listing service, then we list the home, field offers, and proceed to close.

🏡💸Are Zestimates accurate Estimates of Value? Main Line Expert Kimmy Rolph Explains
⁉️🏡🛋Why First Impressions Matter and So Does Staging on The Main Line with Agent Kimmy Rolph
❓🏡Does an Existing Home Warranty Help or Hurt a Home Sale?
🏡💰Average Closing Costs on The Main Line PA with Top Agent Kimmy Rolph
⁉️🤷‍♀️What happens to the buyer deposit with Kimmy Rolph
🤨💰Who pays for what at a Real Estate Closing with Kimmy Rolph
📑📝Contract signed, now what? Important timelines for sellers with Top Agent Kimmy Rolph
🧐❌What is not included in a Home Inspection, That MATTERS with Main Line PA Agent, Kimmy Rolph
🏡📑Types of Deeds for Real Property, Seller Information with Main Line PA Realtor Kimmy Rolph
🤔💰💸How to get Above List Price for your Main Line PA Home with Kimmy Rolph
🏡🛠🛋Best Home Improvements for Sellers with Main Line PA Realtor Kimmy Rolph
🏡💸Pricing your Main Line PA Home with Top Agent Kimmy Rolph
🤷‍♀️🏡What are Buyers Looking for On The Main Line PA with Top Realtor Kimmy Rolph
🏡📑The Most Important Contingencies in a Real Estate Contract
🏡💁‍♀️The Most Important Contingencies in Real Estate with Main Line PA Realtor Kimmy Rolph
💰💸3 Things to Consider with Multiple Offers with Top Agent Kimmy Rolph
🏡🔎Main Line Home Inspection Checklist with Top Realtor Kimmy Rolph📝
🏡💰What are the tax implications of selling a Main Line PA Home?

How to Market Your Home with Kimmy Rolph

The Main Line offers incredible real estate and the market is always competitive. There are hundreds of agents on The Main Line, but I have a strategy that gets more eyes on your property than anyone. How do I know? I have a team of marketers that focus exclusively on digital listing strategies and I spare no expense to get at the very least 25,000 impressions, for each listing. Can your agent promise that? We use traditional marketing methods, but we amplify efforts digitally. Are you ready to find out what your home is worth?

🤫SHhhhhhhh, Giving away some of my best digital marketing seller strategies!

Are you ready to list your home?

Let’s talk listing. We offer seller homework here, to show you what goes into listing a home. Taking the first step is finding out what your home is worth. Are you ready to list your home?

🧐🤔How long does it take to List a Home with a Realtor?

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