Why downsize in Summer 2022?

Why downsize in Summer 2022? Are you wondering whether Summer 2022 will be the summer when you will let go of all the tiresome maintenance of a big home, and downsize?

I specialize in downsizing seniors who are looking to live richer lives, with less maintenance as they age. This summer is an amazing time to retire and downsize. While interest rates are increasing, there are so many buyers looking to take advantage of The Main Line real estate and lifestyle, especially now that hybrid work is so common. So if you are worried that there are no buyers, this should not be a concern. My spring selling season was so busy and multiple offers without contingencies were being accepted in a matter of hours from listing properties. I tell non retirees, if you have thought about selling in the last five years, you really should sell now. We are seeing increases of up to 30% in home values this summer, and they may not last. Another reason to downsize in summer? This is a great time for people to move or renovate. Yes, school is out, but that also means kids go to camps and it is a good time to make a transition to another home. You might be noticing also how much more maintenance and work there is on homes during the summer, from gardening to maintaining pools, this is a lot of work that you could easily relinquish without losing the enjoyment by joining a 55+ community.

Worried that preparing your home to sell during the summer will be too much work? Do not be! I have so many resources and team members who help 55+ seniors and those moving into assisted living facilities, from estate sale planning to decluttering, we can take this next step together and summer 2022 is a perfect time. The Main Line buyer is looking for homes and if it really is getting too much to stay on top of, I suggest we discuss your options. Please reach out.

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