Whether a Loved one Needs Assisted Living on The Main Line

Whether a Loved one Needs Assisted Living on The Main Line is a tough call. As we age our bodies can grow weaker. Even if our minds remain sharp, our physical abilities can diminish. Should you or someone you love need emergency care, is someone nearby to help you get it? Or are you on your own? If you have an extended hospital stay, is there someone to take care of your home? And care for you when you get back home? I’m Kimmy Rolph and I specialize in 55 plus communities, active living and retirement communities that can have continuing care. Many people have obtained significant peace-of-mind for themselves and their loved ones by relocating to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that enables one to live independently now and offers increasing levels of support and medical care should the need arise. Others have found that moving into a retirement community, even one without onsite health care, can offer added security and help when needed. Sometimes it is so important to have peace of mind knowing that whatever the future holds you have the right supports put in place to help you. I’m here to help You or a loved one during this transition in life! Let’s start a new chapter together -It’s going to be a great one! 

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