What you need to know to sell your home in August 2022 on The Main Line PA

What you need to know to sell your home in August 2022 on The Main Line PA answers the question, What is hotter than the hottest Main Line Day? The sellers market. Bad joke. I am here to talk about the advantages of selling in August. Specifically, August 2022. While interest rates are increasing, they are still well below the peak in 2008 and buyers are still looking for homes. What many of my sellers are surprised to learn is that millennials are really looking for housing in more suburban areas and The Main Line ticks lots of boxes. We have incredible schools, great dining, easy access to the big cities, and a lifestyle that is hard to beat. The inventory remains at a low supply, meaning that when homes are listed for sale, regardless of the time of year, we are getting multiple offers and homes are going for above list price. Now moving onto to August 2022 in particular to sell on The Main Line is a great time. Yes, kids are out of school, yes, people are on vacation, but for selling your home, it is best not to be there and if you are looking for a quick close with great terms, listing in August isn’t the most popular choice, but listing in August 2022- is really a different listing climate. Some tips for making your home the best it can be for buyers this August. First, take advantage of the long summer days and be sure that your home is shown in the best light, morning and dusk are great times to view a home. Second, be sure your yard and the home details are neat. Just because it is a sellers market, does not mean that buyers will not notice if there are lots of dead tree limbs and weeds. New mulch is a cheap way to boost that appeal and a house that is well maintained always fetches a better offer. Third, go away! Yes, it is true, while your home is being shown, it is best if you are not there for a buyer to get an idea of what it will be like to live in your home. This is why August can be a great month to list. You can be on vacation and leave all the selling and listing details to me. It takes only 7 days to list from professional images to writing content and filming your property, and it will take even less time to get your home under contract. My listings this year have gone under contract in hours, or days. If you are interested in selling your Main Line home this August, take the first step and see what your home is worth. All my links are below and it is completely risk free, you are curious right? Remember, Kimmy Rolph sells The Main Line and local areas. 

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