West Chester Townhome Just Closed!

Kimmy Rolph Real Estate is pleased to announce the closing at 189 Chandler Dr. in West Chester

West Chester Townhome Just Closed by Kimmy Rolph Real Estate! We had a more complicated transaction with this home and all parties were thrilled to relinquish keys and get to renovating at 189 Chandler Drive in West Chester PA. Renovating? Complicated? You might think, in this market, that all transactions are smooth and that the cash buyers and eager sellers getting 50 offers in a weekend are the norm, but it is transactions like this one, that really require a master negotiator, like Kimmy Rolph.

189 Chandler Drive Townhome required a remodel of a bed and bath and this is a great example for those who are downsizing in this market, looking for lower maintenance, but have not quite found the home of their dreams. Enter the construction loan. A construction loan is more difficult to obtain, but it pays for home renovations and upgrades, that takes an average home to an outstanding home. We have a blog here on construction loans and how to work with them.

There are so many reasons that buyers choose construction loans and with a tighter market, many sellers will need to consider this type of loan as well if they need to sell really quickly with a home that has some features that miss the mark. We advise that sellers, instead of update a kitchen, undergo cosmetic upgrades, and then have renderings of a renovated kitchen with a recommended lender for construction loans. These are just some of the creative solutions we can find to get you into the home, or West Chester Townhome of your dreams.

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