Top Buyer Eye Sores and How to avoid them

Top Buyer Eye Sores and How to avoid them? Let’s talk about Leaky fossettes, bad paint jobs, bad smells, Oh my! Do you want your home to leave a bad impression on potential buyers? I have seen it all on The Main Line and can tell you some of the biggest offenses when it comes to eyesores and dealbreakers for homes. Let me share with you some of the biggest property turn-offs and how to fix them before listing. 

On the top of our list is damp areas and bad smells. In fact, according to GoCompare home insurance, these two are reasons that buyers will not put in offers on a home. Before you go to list a home, be sure no odors or damp areas that can send buyers running. Second, on the list, are outdated baths and kitchens. While I do not recommend costly updates that require thousands down, I do recommend new paint and fixtures. Homes that lack the most basic modern features get marked down in a buyer’s mind. Third, are carpets. While a 70s shag may have been all the rage, they are sadly a true eyesore, especially if they have smells to match the date. If you have a budget consider replacing a dated carpet with a neutral, low-cost one. Fourth on the list is a property in poor repair.

Fix rotting wood, broken awnings, and all evidence that a property is in disrepair. If there are serious problems with a property, they will come up on inspection, but these simple fixes will at least make it to inspection. Next is a home that is not clean and tidy. Prior to listing and showings, I always recommend a thorough cleaning. It is spring! Spring for the spring cleaning your listing deserves. Lastly, and certainly not least, is poor lighting. It is amazing what the right light can do for a room and a space. If you have spaces that do not have natural light, consider replacing bulbs and adding lamps. I have so many more tips in my seller resources below, and I am available to assess the fixes we can make prior to listing to get your home the price it deserves. Are you ready to take the next step? Spring is THE best time to sell, and I am happy to offer a risk free analysis. Contact me today.

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🏡👀Biggest Buyer Eyesores and How to Avoid them with Top Main Line Agent, Kimmy Rolph
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