Surprising Things People Love about Downsizing

Think downsizing is a drag? Surprise!! Here are Surprising Things People Love about Downsizing. There are some things people really love about it! I specialize in downsizing on The Main LIne PA and I hear three super positive things from my clients. First, is the savings on furniture and upkeep. Where power bills, gas prices, and prices of furniture are increasing, they drastically decrease when you downsize to a smaller home. You spend less on cleaning supplies, cleaning assistance, you name it. Even if you are not on a fixed income, it is much less stress and over head. Speaking of overhead, A smaller home means less maintenance. Are you used to managing lawn services, seasonal home maintenance, seasonal decorating? This is something you can gladly relinquish and focus on other things you enjoy more. Do you like to travel? Another amazing benefit to downsizing is getting up and going. It is easier to lock up and move out to explore with a smaller home. As you are downsizing and going through your things, you may find new ways of order that simplify your life. When I have clients looking for help across the board in going through things, often they recommend and install organizing systems in new homes, that work seamlessly for my clients. Lastly. It enhances family bonds. You read this right! Going through things and reminiscing is actually a great opportunity for family bonding. Many of my clients report to me that it was a really great moment in their intimate relationships! If you are looking to reduce maintenance, reduce home owner stress, and move into a more manageable space, contact me today!

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