Summer Buyer Tips to not get Outbid

Summer Buyer Tips to not get Outbid. Are you ready to buy a home but feeling like you aren’t sure your offer will be accepted? I represent buyers on The Main Line PA and I completely understand how frustrating this process is in a market where the demand for homes is high and the inventory is low, But, I have helped lots of buyers this year get into their dream homes at great terms without sacrificing crucial inspections. Let me give you some of my best advice for getting your offer accepted. 

First, lets face it, it is steep competition for homes. When I am writing an offer I am assessing my buyers risk with the sellers motivation to sell. Before I make an offer on your behalf, we have a frank conversation on how much you would be willing to pay and sacrifice in terms for the home. While many agents will encourage sacrificing inspections, I do everything in my power to protect your interests and find other terms that sellers find attractive. That can often be a rent back or a quick closing depending on what the seller motivation is. Second, consider ways like adding an escalation clause to the offer, which means that we would go a certain amount over the highest bid to get the offer accepted. To be able to add an escalation clause, I need to know what you are really able to afford for a home. When you get prequalified, consider this number at the highest end of what you can afford because there are closing costs and you will more likely than not need to bid above asking. Another strategy is to absorb seller closing costs. This is a great term that sellers obviously benefit from, because that is one less thing for them to pay for. Lastly, remove any small requests for repairs. If you see minor things that can be fixed by the seller, but are easily fixed on your end, set aside a portion of your budget for these repairs and do not delay closing with negotiating the small details. There are many creative ways to make an offer that is most attractive to the seller. My strategies have worked for many this spring and I am an expert negotiator. If you are looking to buy a property on The Main Line but do not know where to start, give me a call for a risk free consultation or see any of my buyer resources below. I can help you get the home of your dreams on The Main Line, just reach out. Kimmy Rolph sells The Main Line and local areas. 

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