Splitting Up This Spring? You need an unbiased third party

Splitting Up This Spring? You need an unbiased third party. Winter can feel long and if you are going through a separation and divorce this past winter and spring, it may feel like an eternity, if you do not have a team helping you divide assets. I specialize in divorcing couples in The Main Line who need to sell their home and are looking for a non biased third party. Selling homes in the best conditions is emotional. There is a reason ibuyers and robots haven’t replaced realtors yet, and it is because your home is the set for years of memories and when you go through divorce these emotions are felt all the more acutely. While you could hire a friend to sell your home or you could go by a referral of a friend, it really is best to use a third party without any affiliation to yourself or your spouse. I am very experienced in mediating couples and recommending strategies for getting the best value for homes and bringing the best buyers with my digital marketing campaigns. You can’t argue about analytics and I am here to show you how to sell your home as painlessly and conflict free as possible. Contact me today for a risk free consultation. We can have a strategy and a listing agreement in place in under a week. Let’s take this next step together.

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⁉️🏘Why you need an unbiased third party in a Real Estate Transaction
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