Redesign Universally or Age in Place Facility?

Redesign Universally or Age in Place Facility? Are you trying to figure out your future in aging? I represent those retiring and downsizing on The Main Line. There are some really amazing 55+ communities but they are expensive and it may make more sense to add universal design features to your existing home, OR make a decision as a family to upsize into a home with an in law suite. These are the most common options and we are seeing so many people looking at multigenerational options for loved ones and upsizing. Millions of people decided to retire early during the pandemic and this is witnessing a boom in 55+ communities. They aren’t as easy as they used to be to buy into. We have really incredible facilities on The Main Line PA and if you are interested in exploring more, look at my resources below that rank the best retirement communities and contact me to explore them. Another option is to upgrade your home with universal design features, these features make homes more accessible to those that are aging. The costs you spend on a home in a 55+ community can be recouped a bit more easily than upgrading to universal design features, depending on how much you do to your existing home. If you have stairs and will be building something to access an upper story, that unfortunately does little to add value to home and can detract from resale value. On the other hand, there are many buyers looking for more accessible homes, but the overriding advice we would offer is about how you would like to retire and age. Some of my clients are really social and love the hustle and bustle of the 55+ communities with so many activities and other seniors, while others really prefer to be closer to family and younger people, and also who value their independence still. If you would like to explore both options, from downsizing and upgrading a home with universal design features, or would like to tour some 55+ communities on The Main Line PA, please reach out to me. I am happy to show you options that suit your lifestyle and your budget. Let’s take this next step together!

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