New Construction Buying Secrets to Save you Time and Money

New Construction Buying Secrets are here! Are you looking to buy a new home on The Main Line and are not sure what to expect? I represent new home buyers on The Main Line and have some secrets that might make you feel more comfortable as you start the process of new home buying and help you understand how this will be different from buying an existing single family home. First, let’s take a quick dive into developer pricing, new development prices are influenced by Location, Cost of the land, Size of the home, Cost of the building materials, Labor costs, Real estate market conditions, and Builder impact fees. Builders, unlike existing home sellers, are unemotional about the inventory. They rarely reduce prices however, to negotiate they will offer to pay for closing costs or offer design center incentives rather than to drop their prices. As a result, there is not substantial room for big negotiations in price, but hiring a new construction buyer agent will benefit you in other ways. Second, the best time of year to purchase a new home is December, depending on whether the development is publicly owned. Why? Many developers are publicly traded and December is the end of quarter and many people are traveling and celebrating the holidays, so it is a great time to get a better value on a new home.  Third, take an agent to a model home showing. What you see is almost never what you get. Model homes are designed to upsell. Think of this like going to a car dealership and what is in the showroom, its not the basic model right? New home buying is similar. Finally, get absolutely everything in writing. A new home  buyer agent has gone through this so many times that they will make sure that there is nothing that gets lost. 

A new home buyer agent should be a local expert and have experience with newly constructed homes.  Builder contracts and the building process is different from what most agents deal with on a daily basis, so having new construction experience is important.This is where I come in.  I specialize in new Main Line homes and buyers ask me all the time if they can use a real estate agent when they are purchasing new construction. The answer is yes, and you should. While  builders’ model homes are staffed by agents who work directly for and represent the builder, the buyer also needs to have an agent who represents them and looks after their best interests. I work to get you the best add ons, incentives, and reduced closing costs. Would you like to learn more of my secrets?

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