Main Line Luxury Agent Kimmy Rolph Tips for Selling High

Main Line Luxury Agent Kimmy Rolph Tips for Selling High gets you the best value at the best terms. Is it your first time selling a luxury home on The Main Line?  Wondering how to make your home stand out from other luxury homes? This exclusive market can be a little overwhelming especially since the higher the price point, the more narrow the buyer pool becomes. If your home is priced poorly against other homes with similar amenities OR better, it could be a long journey to a sale. 

There are no guarantees in real estate, but there are certainly things you can do to make your luxury home stand out to attract the right buyer -and fast! So, here are 3 stand alone tips to help you. First, when it comes to photography, think quality not quantity. It is important that your realtor does professional photography including video,  a virtual tour of the property, and drone footage. Having a lot of imagery is important especially when it comes to appealing to a foreign buyer or out of town buyer, who make up a large segment of the luxury buyer market. Second, make sure that the realtor you hire markets the property properly and adequately.  Luxury buyers are not necessarily looking for homes in typical places like Facebook and MLS, but rather alternative resources through their real estate professional. Third, focus on what makes your home different and uniquely relevant to others through storytelling and upscale visual marketing materials. You want to distinguish your home from other homes that are at a similar price point, specifically by downplaying things buyers can find in other homes like quartz or granite countertops and instead highlighting features that make your home special such as the wine cellar in the basement or outdoor dining space with flagstone.

The unique, high-value features of your home are your main selling points and should be prominently seen in the photographs and videos on your listing and be mentioned as assets in all written marketing materials.  Don’t assume that your home speaks for itself, lead with those features and let those be what attracts the ideal buyer. We hope this is helpful and if you are looking to set your home apart with stand-alone marketing, if you are looking for more Main Line Luxury Agent Kimmy Rolph Tips, subscribe to the Luxury Playlist on our Youtube Channel. Kimmy Rolph Sells Luxury on The Main Line and Local Areas.

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