Main Line End of Summer Family Fun

Main Line End of Summer Family Fun helps you find options during the longest part of the year. The Dog Days of Summer are here and if you are like me, you might be having a hard time competing with the incredible activities your kids were doing at camp, and keeping them occupied before school starts up, is a daily challenge. As a mom and busy realtor, it is enough just keeping up with my showings in the summer let alone, keeping my kids entertained. Luckily I found some great Main Line attractions for these last days, and I wanted to share them with you. First, there is the Treehouse World, which has special events all summer long and is great for active children over toddler age.Second, you can feed the Giraffes at the Elmwood Park Zoo, my kids loved this and it is good for all ages, and offers much more than just Giraffes! For those children with active imaginations, there is a fairy hunt at ​​Merion Botanical Garden Fairy Houses. Lastly, if you have gone all summer without Hershey Park Water Park, you really kept your children busy! This is a great water park and one of Pennsylvania’s biggest attractions. Hope you found some of these tips helpful for keeping busy before school starts. If you are thinking about moving, please keep me in mind! Kimmy Rolph Sells The Main Line and Local Areas. 

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