Just Sold in Norristown by Kimmy Rolph

Just Sold in Norristown by Kimmy Rolph shows you that even in a seller’s market, buyers can walk away with a great home, at a great price. My buyers were looking for a modest investment that would appreciate, and we found them the Norristown apartment that met all of their needs. We can meet your needs to!

The press right now is overwhelmingly against buyers, but the truth is, that in many markets there is still inventory, depending on what you are looking for. Let me go over some property types that are still available on The Main Line. If you are a buyer and interested in any properties like this, please reach out!

Land Deals: We witnessed a labor and timber shortage earlier this year, but thankfully, the shortage has eased and those looking to build new homes, are still able to find land at good prices.

Apartments: If you are looking for an investment apartment on The Main Line, see my investment resources here, and there are many apartments for reasonable prices available on The Main Line. An advantage of Main Line apartments are the walkability score.

Mega Luxury Homes: The Main Line rivals Greenwich Connecticut for understated luxury homes. Our prices are better too. Homes over 10 million are still available and they have unbelievable amenities. See this Villanova Search for yourself!

Wishing a Congratulations again to our buyers, and if you are looking to buy on The Main Line, contact Kimmy Rolph Real Estate today!

Here are some of the numbers near you!

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