Is My House List-Ready?

Is My House List-Ready? Painting, roofing, broken kitchen tiles, photos, and more. Does this sound like a headache? It might, but it does not mean your home is not list ready. I represent sellers on The Main Line PA. Even homes that require updates are selling for above asking price in many instances and the inventory on The Main Line is severely constricted. I wanted to go over some quick ways to make a home list ready without a huge output of effort on your part or a lot of money. These are my get ready to list tips. First, get an accurate price for your home based on the location of the home, the amenities and features, and a comprehensive analysis of the housing market in your exact location. Second, contact a number of area listing agents who have represented sales in your area or specialize in listing homes for sale. You really need the right agent who understands how to market a home properly and can advise you on what it means to make your home list ready for their buyers. Third, depersonalize and declutter your living space. You might love having family photos around your home and there are so many memories but buyers want to make new memories in your home and your personal items can be distracting. I use stagers for homes for this reason. Decluttering your garage or other spaces serves the same purpose. Fourth, Make minor repairs and updates. This may include painting but can often mean touching up trim, replacing broken door handles or modling that is cracked, but should not be a burden price wise, because you likely will not recoup the amount of money spent. Fifth, touch up your homes exterior. Weed a garden, put down mulch, and touch up paint around the exterior of the home. Pressure washing is a really quick fix to brighten any homes exterior. Lastly, get rid of odors. This is a really big one that not many people consider. Odors from pets or any other odor can be a huge turn off. Those are the best tips for getting ready to list and guess what? They can take only a weekend and in some instances an afternoon. Selling this summer is really achievable and I have buyers who are looking for Main Line homes in droves. If you would like to know what your home is worth on The Main Line, please reach out!

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