How to Winterize Your Main Line Home

How to Winterize Your Main Line Home? Failure to winterize your home can costs thousands of dollars and be dangerous? We have no idea what this winter season’s weather will be like, so it is better to be prepared.  Extreme winter weather can leave neighborhoods and communities without power or other public services for long periods of time, but if you winterize in advance, you will be in a better position to face winter extreme weather. Here are some of our tips to do today, to better weather winter storms. 

Number 1, clean out gutters and clear the roof area so that the snow and ice will not build up. Number 2 insulate your attic. This is another way of preventing an ice dam, and it keeps the living areas warmer. Before the winter weather sets in to examine attic vents, check for leaks and get a look at the insulation.  Number 3 Have your heating system serviced. Do this and you will not face bigger issues like burst pipes. Number 4, Adjust your thermostat to 72 degrees, a vacant home should be between 50 and 60 degrees. Number 5 Prepare your plumbing. This is similar to having HVAC checked. Be sure that your pipes are properly insulated for the cold. Number 6 Call a chimney sweep. The Main Line homes often have fire places and they require regular maintenance, especially before winter. 

I hope you found these tips useful! Whether you are looking to buy or sell on The Main Line PA, remember Kimmy Rolph Sells The Main Line and local areas. 

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