How to Sell Heirlooms on The Main Line PA with Downsizing Expert Kimmy Rolph

How to Sell Heirlooms on The Main Line PA with Downsizing Expert Kimmy Rolph helps take the emotion out of your move. Moving your loved ones into a smaller and more manageable home on The Main Line can be a really daunting task, one of the biggest stresses are the heirlooms. I understand the complications related to downsizing and estate planning, especially some of big emotions around heirlooms. Take a deep breath, we can navigate this, together. Here are my five top tips. 

First, have the item appraised. When in doubt, a good appraisal is incredibly useful to have because emotions cannot be argued with dollars and cents. We see lots of families fall apart come downsize time because of heirloom division, and the appraisal takes the emotion out of it. 

Second, document and itemize the item. Be sure that you have thorough documentation of the item. If you have an appraisal that is incapable of true evaluation, you may need to send it off to a specialist. Luckily, on The Main Line, we are close enough to the largest cities with the greatest resources and experts for antique and heirlooms, no need to wait until Antiques Roadshow comes to town. 

Third, Do your research. While over researching and looking at the item that is online for sale at Christie’s that you “think” might be an equivalent, you truly do not know how much something is worth until you sell it. See what forum would be most appropriate to sell on and find out what your ballpark is, if you are looking to sell. 

Fourth, Know your market. There are going to be places on The Main Line that would find local collectibles more valuable than on the West Coast. If you have famous glass, or a part of your home that was designed by a famed architect, specifically to The Main Line, this is valuable and marketed. Be sure that you are not inflating the value to those involved in the sale. 

Fifth, Be Patient. If you are trying to sell an heirloom for a sum that you feel is worthy of parting with it you need to be patient. We have so many incredible antiques and dealers on The Main Line, in Philadelphia, and New York, you do not have to sell to a less than the a worthy dealer or sell online. 

If you are looking to downsize on The Main Line and would like nonpartial help, I am an expert in downsizing and have helped dozens of families make a transition to smaller living. Contact me today! Kimmy Rolph sells The Main Line and Local Areas. 

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