How to Downsize a Family Home on Main Line PA?

How to Downsize a Family Home on Main Line PA is a guide to downsizing on The Main Line PA. Do your parents still own a home that you think is too big for them, but they are resisting to downsize? I’m going to give you 3 reasons to help convince them that it’s time to think about other living arrangements more suitable for them at this stage in their lives. I understand that trying to persuade parents to downsize is sometimes a challenging task. Often, they are emotionally attached to their homes and just don’t want to let go. Perhaps they are still living in the first home they purchased together, or maybe it’s the house they bought to raise you and your siblings in. Whatever their case might be, the rooms and hallways host a lifetime of memories that can be so hard to walk away from, so it’s important to be empathetic while speaking with them about downsizing.   When clients come to me with the sensitive issue of downsizing, I share with them 3 important reasons that will help them get the conversation started with their parents:

First and foremost, safety! If your parents’ house is older, there could be major safety issues to take into consideration. The driveway to the mailbox- is it safe or is it getting difficult. The long staircase to the second floor would be a horrible place to take fall if they were to lose their balance. That bathtub that they have to swing their legs over, that gets really hard on the hips when you get older. And what about the neighborhood? Has it changed, is it still as safe as it was when they first purchased their home? As they are getting older, let them know you are concerned with their safety and wellbeing.

Second reason: maintenance! If your parents are living in a house made for a larger family and it’s now just the two of them, who is taking care of the property? Single family homes require a lot of yearly upkeep and unless your parents have the means to pay for someone to come and take care of everything like lawn maintenance, snow removal, window washing, general house repairs, weekly cleaning (the list goes on and on) now is definitely a good time to speak with them about downsizing. A smaller property is easier to care of and it just makes sense for aging parents. Nobody wants to see their 70+ parents shoveling snow in the Winter and raking leaves in the Fall. And keep your dads off ladders – they always think they can still do it, but it’s dangerous!

Lastly…. equity! If your parents have been living in their home for years and years, chances are, they have a big chunk of equity in their home or they own it. If they’ve consistently made monthly mortgage payments, they either owe very little or nothing at all. They might not realize that by selling their house they will have the money to purchase a more manageable property like a condo with no stairs and outside maintenance.     Feel free to call me to strategize more ideas on how to get your parents to downsize. I am happy to lend my professional expertise to the conversation to help them make an informed decision. If you enjoyed,How to Downsize a Family Home on Main Line PA, Click to learn more about this process, and I can help make this transition seamless for you and your family. Kimmy Rolph Sells The Main Line and local Areas. 

👨‍👩‍👧Helping your Parents Downsize on The Main Line PA with Realtor Kimmy Rolph🏡
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