FSBO What You Need to Know (the Overwhelm)

💁‍♀️🏡Everything you need to know to succeed with an FSBO, and Avoid Overwhelm

FSBO What You Need to Know offers exactly what you need to know to list your home for sale by owner. I can sell my home on my own, how difficult can it be? Many sellers feel this way, however,  potential buyers may not! Your first thought is you can save money on commission, but do you really? According to DaveRamsey.com, sellers using the FSBO option sold their homes for  LESS THAN the median selling price of other homes. There is so much to consider in selling your home, and it can be overwhelming to say the least. First things  first, start with a deep clean and staging of your home, making it “model home ready.” Prepare your marketing, digital marketing, signs, videos, flyers, just listed cards, and PROPERLY posting  and exposing your home to the masses on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  YouTube, and more can be overwhelming and take an enormous amount of time to learn to do.  Did you get professional photography? Or just use your phone? Most buyers are looking online first, THEN they will schedule to see your home. The photos online are their first impression of your home, and you never get a second chance at that! Remember, this is the buyer’s largest investment they will make, in most cases. Next, you’re going to start receiving phone calls! Do you have a system in place for follow-up and a schedule set for showings? If a buyer’s agent calls, are you willing to pay them a commission? After all of the showings, follow-up, and run around – you FINALLY get an offer or TEN! Now what?? Does the loan type make a difference in the sale? Is the highest offer the best offer? How do you determine if buyers are qualified?  You have accepted an offer, what comes next? Do you have the proper connections with a  title/escrow company? Do you know what to provide them? Do you have a complete purchase contract? Escrow is open, do you have all of the disclosures that are required for a successful  close of escrow? Do you know how long you have to provide them to the buyer? Are you  overwhelmed yet? Just wait, there’s SO MUCH MORE! You need to coordinate with lenders for  the appraisal, with title for signing documents, all while being available for inspections and  showing the home to the buyers parents and cousins for the 3rd time. Do you know how long  buyers have to perform inspections? What are you obligated to do regarding repairs? What if  the appraisal comes in low? Whew! Are you exhausted yet? All the while, you are supposed to  be packing and coordinating your move to your new home. Isn’t that stressful enough? I think I  have made it abundantly clear why you should hire us at Homes by Krista! We handle all of this for you and then some! Allow my team and I to relieve you of not only the stress, but some of  the time involved in coordinating a smooth escrow. Let’s connect and discuss your real estate goals and how we can achieve them together! Again, this is Kimmy Rolph and Kimmy Rolph sells The Main Line and Local Areas.

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