Fast Facts about MultiGenerational Housing

Fast Facts about MultiGenerational Housing are here! Are you considering downsizing to move into a home with your children? Is your current home not large enough to accommodate loved ones moving in? I specialize in downsizing and 55+ living on The Main Line PA, and one of the options for those reaching an age where a house is just too much to handle, is multigenerational housing. I wanted to share the fast facts about multigenerational housing. 

First, what is multigenerational housing? Multigenerational housing is when one or more generation lives in the same home. If you are housing your children and need more space, this is you, and if you are looking to move in with your children’s family or adult children, this could also be you. And you would not be alone! According to NAR, National Association of Realtors, Multigenerational housing has quadrupled over the past ten years, and the most common age of the multigenerational home is between 42-56. In 2021, 1 in 10 home buyers purchased a multigenerational home. 

Second, Why are people choosing homes with multigenerational options? There are a number of benefits from closer bonds between generations if you are taking in aging loved ones with children, or if you are helping a loved one afford a degree and pay for school. You also may benefit from a combined budget. There are many reasons why downsizing or upsizing may be right for you. 

The Main Line offers many homes which have options that allow for privacy that is a downside of multigenerational living. From guest homes to in law suites, we have some of the best real estate to accommodate your growing family. If you are considering increasing the number of people in your home or selling your home to move in with your loved ones, I specialize in Downsizing and upsizing on The Main Line and would love the opportunity of showing you how I can get you the best value for your Main Line home. Let’s take this next step together.

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💡🏡Fast Facts about Multigenerational Housing with Kimmy Rolph Retirement Specialist

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