Failed Marriage, but Active Mortgage? Choosing the Right Realtor

Failed Marriage, but Active Mortgage? Choosing the Right Realtor helps bring you back to the reality of where love may fade, mortgage contracts endure. The fate of the property is decided during the divorce negotiations and often it ends up being sold. While both divorcing parties hire their own attorneys to represent them individually and only them, you can not both hire your own Realtor to sell your home. But how do you pick one who would represent your best interest? I specialize in representing divorcing parties in real estate transactions on The Main Line. 

Mediation is one of the most frequently used methods of negotiating a divorce settlement. In divorce mediation, you and your spouse hire a neutral third party, called a mediator, to meet with you in an effort to discuss and resolve the issues in your divorce. The mediator doesn’t make decisions for you, but serves as a facilitator to help you and your spouse figure out what’s best.

Think about your Realtor as a Real Estate Mediator. Consider experienced agents over friends or relatives with little or no experience.

Interview at least three agents before hiring one. Although depending on market conditions, you may easily sell the home yourself, it’s always more difficult to do so during times of stress, and you really should let a professional take over.

Ideally, you should hire an agent who isn’t just neutral, but one who also has a solid understanding of the unique problems and issues that often occur during the sale of a house due to divorce.

The real estate agent you hire needs to have a firm grasp on these subtle problems and issues and not get caught up in the fray.

Your agent needs to be fair, but firm, and make sure the process is as smooth as possible. And that includes being able to identify any underlying reasons why things are happening and being able to help you resolve them.

Selling a house can be an emotional and stressful process for even the happiest couple in the world to go through and going through a divorce can add to that.

An experienced professional will be able to protect your privacy, your motivation during negotiations and represent both of you equally in the process of the sale of your home. If you haven’t hired a realtor, please give us a call. We handle sensitive transactions and emotions with tact and diplomacy and have helpful resources this link, designed for those undergoing divorce-related real estate transactions. Was our post Failed Marriage, but Active Mortgage? Choosing the Right Realtor, helpful? Please reach out! Kimmy Rolph sells The Main Line and Local Areas. 

What happens to the mortgage in a PA Divorce with Kimmy Rolph Real Estate

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