Deck the Halls: or the Decks, New Ideas for Main Line Decks

💯🏡🔑2021 Tips for Building a Luxury Deck on The Main Line with Kimmy Rolph

Deck the Halls: or the Decks, New Ideas for Main Line Decks sings the praises of decks year round! I won’t sing the whole song, but I will sing the praises of adding a luxury deck to your Main Line home. As a Main Line local, I truly enjoy all the outdoor features and the lifestyle we enjoy. While, the winter is not a great time to start a build, it is indeed the right time to start planning additions and hiring contractors for the spring, to be enjoyed next summer or fall. If you are looking for recommendations for contractors or builders, please reach out, and enjoy planning these new ideas for Main Line Luxury Decks. 

First, think of your deck as not just a summer thing, design a deck for all seasons with a number of cross function features. Whether you like a water feature or a fire feature, these can be designed so you really get the most out of your deck

 Second, do you like lots of texture? Who doesn’t, we see this in interior design, and we are seeing it in the latest deck designs with composite materials mixed with stone and natural wood. Why? Composite is much more weather resistant and inexpensive. You can mix materials and get an ultra luxury look that is easier to maintain. 

Third is the elevated deck with views. If you have a home that is on a hill for example that does not have a natural space for an outdoor deck, consider getting an addition to your home with a deck. Do not try to do this with a limited budget and think you can cut corners with design. This requires multiple levels of approvals to be safe, but is so well worth it, You get amazing views. Think of the fall colors you are seeing now, on an elevated deck? 

Fourth, what is better than an elevated deck? A below deck patio. The elevated deck fall and the below deck patio for summer. This is an amazing option that adds value to your home and also really helps you enjoy the outdoors. 

Last, we have our all around tips for enjoying your outdoor space. Lots of cozy furniture, fire features, water features, think of your outdoor space as you would your indoor space! Are you thinking of buying a home but really want the outdoor living portion? Contact me! I specialize in not only homes that are turn key, but spaces that require added imagination to make a dream home. With limited inventory, you need a realtor with an eye for potential. I have one. Buying or selling on The Main Line? Remember Kimmy Rolph sells The Main Line and local areas.

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