Chic Ideas for Perfect Entryway Walls

The entryway to your home announces your character to your visitor, and it is going to evoke emotion everytime you walk in, soooooo what do you put there? Let’s talk about some of the chicest ideas, from a curb appeal point of view, for the entryway walls. Here are Chic Ideas for Perfect Entryway Walls.

First, quick disclaimer, if you are considering in the next five years, do not go overboard on highly designed entryways, because from a resale perspective, too much personalization, can actually harm you. But! Great artwork, accent wallpaper and mirrors can be great touches. 

Here are the top ideas for entryways 

First, enhance a wall with paint. You are introducing the tone of your house. What tones speak to you? From yellows to rich blues with white trim, these are popular options right now for entryways. The second trend is really having a moment and that is the photo wall mural. Be very cautious with these and resale, because they can look very childish if not applied correctly. Third, and this is my favorite, is statement artwork. A great piece of art in an entryway both announces you and adds curb appeal. We have amazing galleries on The Main Line and it is not hard to find amazing local, national, and international pieces. Fourth, eye catching wall paper. On The Main Line we have never NOT been wallpaper people. From classic french countryside prints to subtle stripes, wallpaper use is a great way to liven up any room, even the entryway. Fifth, shelving. This is not the place for a ton of shelves but a few shelves with glass sculpture can be a great entryway accent. It is especially nice to have shelves in this area, because they are great to decorate during the holidays. Sixth, lighting. It is so important that guests be flooded with light when they walk into your home. Walking into a dark home can be uncomfortable for guests. Seventh is paneling. Add custom wood work with panels of paper for a sophisticated look. We see this on the side portions of entryways especially. Lastly, is the oldest tip for entryways and that is mirrors. Adding a mirror is as much for you as anyone else. Glancing at yourself on the way out the door is something most people do, and you will appreciate it when it is there. Would you like more tips for curb appeal and the latest trends in homes on The Main Line? Want to see more like Chic Ideas for Perfect Entryway Walls? Follow along here!

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