Avoiding big fees when splitting property

Avoiding big fees when splitting property? Think you need to update your house before selling when you are divorcing? Are you already not looking forward to splitting up the contents of your home? I represent Main Line PA divorcing couples as a divorce listing agent and I have some tips for you prior to listing to avoid big fees. First, your realtor, even if they specialize in divorce should not be charging you fees. Second, do not, and I repeat do not make substantial upgrades prior to listing your home. Doing this could cause even more disagreement in an otherwise routine real estate transaction. No need to make more acrimonious an already touchy situation. When in doubt, hire a unbiased realtor, stager, and estate manager for a sale, then split proceeds. There is nothing more high emotion than splitting property when divorcing and the more people you have to mediate, that do this all the time, the better. You would be surprised how helpful more voices are. Your home is usually the largest asset you have as a couple and whether one party is buying the other out or you are selling, a licensed realtor who specializes in divorcing couples is incredibly useful to have. There are issues in liability if you co own and often it is the best thing, long term, to sell the home. In this market we are seeing homes that are valued well over 30% than the same time last year. There is a constricted supply of homes and new homes are slow to come on the market and rapid fire selling. This is a great time to sell and start over. Let’s take this next step together. If you would like more information and tips for divorcing on The Main Line PA and splitting property, please contact me. Kimmy Rolph Sells The Main Line and Local Areas. 

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