5 Design Trends that Have Overstayed Their Welcome 

In 2024, it’s time to say goodbye to these 5 Design Trends that Have Overstayed Their Welcome. As a Main Line realtor, I have seen a lot of trends that do little for curb appeal over time. These are some that I am very glad to see exiting in 2024. 

  1. Shiny Surfaces: Shine and gloss on surfaces is coming to an end. Designers are increasingly leaning towards more organic, natural materials with softer, less reflective sheens for a textured finish.
  1. Low Backsplashes: Good riddance to low backsplashes. These offered minimal once wall protection and could be an eyesore for sellers. They are now thankfully seen as unfinished and uninspiring. Instead, designers recommend elevating backsplashes to the ceiling for a statement wall. 
  1. Mirrored Furniture: I was surprised to see this trend at all. It is very difficult to live with, and it was prone to fingerprints, smudges, and poor reflections. Save the bling for lighting fixtures, not furnishings.
  1. Dining Benches: Backless bench seating at kitchen dining tables, while certainly save space, are uncomfortable and awkward to navigate. I was never a fan of these unless they were utilized in outdoor spaces, and will be glad to see the dining chair come back into focus.
  1. What is that shape furnishings: We did not see a lot of “blobby” home trends on The Main Line, which were amoeba-like shapes in décor and furnishings, typically made from foam. Designers are bringing back cleaner lines and straighter edges. 

Are you ready for this years most exciting design innovations?  What design trends are you most excited to see fade away this year? Please reach out to Kimmy Rolph Real Estate if you are looking to buy or sell on The Main Line and are curious how your design stacks up against the competition or if there is a home that suits your tastes. 

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