21st Century Selling Techniques with Main Line Top Realtor Kimmy Rolph

 21st Century Selling Techniques with Main Line Top Realtor Kimmy Rolph gives you insider tips to digital marketing listings in 2021. In this market, it is not just as easy as putting a sign in the yard and putting it on the Multiple Listing Service. There are so many factors to consider. You would be amazed as to how many lawsuits and litigations arise from real estate transactions. If you just look at preparing your home there’s a lengthy list, of what to consider regarding the timing,  and coordinating showing your home and navigating people going in and out especially with health concerns. I would like to focus on two of the major factors where you need experts and specialists to sell for the best price and terms that are in favor of the seller, marketing and negotiating. Marketing ranges from everything from Facebook Ads, Retargeting Campaigns, Digital Repurposing, Traditional Marketing, Virtual Open Houses, 3-D Virtual Tours, YouTube and Instagram Advertising, Direct Mail, Massive Web Exposure and strategy, the personal property website, what wording and descriptive phrases to use to Hook buyers, and so much more. On the luxury Main Line market, the marketing aspect is very much overlooked by many people but has one of the biggest impacts on your bottom line, very similar to negotiating. Negotiations also play a determining factor in the terms and conditions. Lastly, what should you disclose? Failure to disclosure is one of the main reasons for lawsuits. There is so much to think about and address during negotiations and understand that negotiation really never stop until escrow closes. But I don’t want to worry you, most of these things are done behind the scenes and most sellers don’t even realize all the things that we take into consideration to protect our sellers and assure they have the best possible outcome. But what I’d like to do is invite you to a Free seller’s workshop titled Luxury on The Main Line Seller Seminar, How to Maximize the Return on Your Investment. You can sign up and watch a replay at your convenience, or you can click the link and access my free book. We will cover a lot of information that is sure to set you up for success!! Did you enjoy 21st Century Selling Techniques with Main Line Top Realtor Kimmy Rolph? Subscribe to our blog here! Just click on the link below to discover what option is best for you. Kimmy Rolph Sells Luxury on The Main Line and Surrounding Areas. 

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