Main Line Home Sellers Do not be Nervous!

Main Line Home Sellers Do not be Nervous! Nervous about selling your home here in Delaware County PA, Montgomery County PA or Chester County PA because there is limited inventory available and you’re afraid that you won’t be able to find a replacement property.  I know it’s a valid concern.  I totally understand, I would be nervous too.  But there are a lot of solutions to this problem and we are able to help. 

We’ve got many solutions and strategies in finding a replacement home even with limited inventory that we can discuss when we meet. One solution is to look at new construction.  There are several communities locally and we have excellent relationships with them.  It’s super important to work with an agent when purchasing new construction so that you have protection, but that’s an entirely new video series.  Many times builders with new construction have homes that have fallen out of escrow and they want to sell those homes quickly because of the carrying costs.  Another safety net, if you’re worried about finding a replacement home, is that there are several phases of new construction and you could find a home now that you wouldn’t move into until a later date.  You could put a deposit on a new home and we could work with the buyer and negotiate terms that keep you safe so you wouldn’t have to worry about having somewhere to go and can remain in your home.

There are many more solutions we have got you the home of your dreams even with limited inventory, so give us a call. And don’t worry, there is never any pressure or obligation in meeting with us.  We’re just here to help you navigate the best strategy when selling.  If you want to see more videos right now on some of the solutions to selling with limited inventory and how we can navigate through the fear of not being able to find a replacement home, just click the link below.  Kimmy Rolph sells the Main Line and local areas.

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