How to Buy Main Line Real Estate in Cash

How to Buy Main Line Real Estate in Cash with Realtor Kimmy Rolph explores how to buy a beautiful home without the strings attached of a jumbo loan. Paying cash? I totally understand. I’ve worked with luxury all-cash buyers and they have the same concerns as you.

Due diligence first. These 5 tips will save you time and trouble. 1 – An excellent team of an experienced real estate agent, accountant, financial planner, and an attorney familiar with local tax and property law. 2 – Research the homes past. Has your home had a facelift or two? No judgments, but we have to make sure that all of the work was permitted and will meet inspections. 3 – Peek into the future so you know what building is planned around your new dream home. 4 – Get the best home inspection possible. Home inspectors working in the luxury housing market are in a league of their own. It’s not just the size of the home, there are specialized features an ordinary home inspection doesn’t cover. 5 – Purchase title insurance. Simply put, title insurance proves you own your property and protects you from hidden hazards, such as invalid divorces, secret marriages, and undisclosed heirs. Educating yourself on what to expect when paying cash for luxury real estate and knowing exactly what you’re looking for is going to help you find the best luxury estate possible. Give me a call, if you’re interested in more information like How to Buy Main Line Real Estate in Cash, I’m knowledgeable in luxury cash purchasing and happy to help you navigate the ins and outs of the luxury life here on the Main Line . Kimmy Rolph Sells Luxury on The Main Line and Local Areas.   

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